Monday Blues Again

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Author’s Note: I wrote this last week but waited ’til Monday to post it. “Case of the Mondays” came from the film Office Space by Mike Judge, starring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston. Well, last week, I’m having Monday blues again and then I remembered that film and borrowed that epic line! Actually…

I am tired of listening to my whines
I am tired from writing about my cries
I tried hard to conquer Monday blues
Don’t know how to start, effort is no use

I keep telling myself it’s just a phase
I am convincing myself it will pass
I tried so hard to escape from my woes
Yet here I am, writing about my rant

So here it goes…

Monday blues, it’s striking again
It’s dull and I am uninspired
If only I can pull the hours
Fast forward my week to Friday

Zoning out, my sanity’s gone
I am restless and exhausted
Yet the week has barely started
Well, it’s the case of the Mondays!

Blame the dark and gloomy weather
Blame the October fall morning
Blame my dreary and tiresome job
But all blame is actually mine!

– October 27, 2015