Can I Hold You?

baby in arms

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If I can, I will protect you from all harm
I will keep you close and safe here in my arms
So each time you cry which I cannot dismiss
I look at you and I know I cannot resist
I cannot help but to hold you forever
Hoping to take away your fears or whatever
So sleep soundly in my chest, little one
Hear the music of my heart, little one
Let it be your warmth, your peace, your harmony
Let me enjoy this moment that you still need me

– August 10, 2018


You steal all my time
You conquer my mind
You seem like trouble
You are a hard job

You’re like my shadow
I can’t leave you behind
Now it’s hard to move
As you’re always around

You had me cornered
You changed me just like that
Now my hands are tied
There’s no going back

But it’s ironic
As you are my bliss
You remove my doubts
With you, there is peace

You shine a new light
You are inspiration
You are my heart and soul
You are my life

– August 10, 2018

I Just

I just never want to keep my eyes off of you
So I could be the first and last thing you’ll see
Then feel the warmth emanating from you
Assuring me you are my reality

Now I vow to give my very best for you
An unconditional love I promise to show
I won’t let you go, I will be here for you
Then in this world together we will grow

I just want to touch you, kiss you tenderly
Then in my arms, forever I’ll hold you
For I want you to be always close to me
‚ÄéThen for the nth time I’ll whisper I love you

– August 10, 2018