Why Do You Write / Bakit Ka Nagsusulat?


Why do you write?
Is it for the likes
To earn money
Is it just a hobby
Or just because

What if the end is near?
Ideas are running out
There are no more words
The fire is dying down
What’s left is only residue

Can you still write?
Even without an audience
Are you changing your ways to conform
Or would you just let it go
Then accept the faded dream

So why am I still writing?
Because this is why I’m breathing
Until the last drop of my ink
Even if there’s no one who reads
Because writing is my happiness

– February 13, 2019

Bakit ka nagsusulat?
Para ba sa likes
Para ba kumita
Libangan kaya
O dahil wala lang

Eh paano kung hanggang dun na lang?
Naubos na ang mga ideya
Wala ng mga salita
Upos na ang kandila
Latak na lang ang asa utak

Kakayanin mo pa bang magsulat?
Kahit wala namang nagbabasa
Babaguhin mo ba ang likha para sa iba
O hahayaan na lang maiga
At tanggapin ang paglaho ng pangarap

Eh bakit pa rin ako nagsusulat?
Dahil dito ako humihinga
Pipigain hanggang sa huling tinta
Kahit pa walang mambabasa
Dahil pagsusulat ng aking ligaya

– February 13, 2019

Another Monotony


photo credit to dreamstime.com

Author’s Note: I wrote a poem with the title “Monotony” last year, hence, I’m calling this “Another Monotony”.

It’s 4:45, it’s time to wake up
I need to rush and catch my train
Or I will be grumpy and late
But I always see things in gray
Set in a film that’s black and white
It’s another ordinary day
It’s not amusing, it’s just routine

I spend the hours at the office
I waste my precious time drifting –
Going along or zoning out
As if I am really working hard
I’m still in a film set in black and white
So I try to paint colours and hue
But I fail and I’m left without a clue

Finally, it’s time to go home
This is what I am waiting for
Now I see a rainbow, my paradise
My only escape from melancholy
It’s marking the end of insanity
Wishing for tonight to never end
For when I wake up, all is the same

– May 12, 2016

Writing Struggle

a combination of two photos obtained from: glogster.com and fountainpennetwork.com

a combination of two photos obtained from: glogster.com and fountainpennetwork.com

Author’s Note: I started writing it in my native tongue, Filipino. Since I’m struggling and still unsure how to finish it, I shifted gears and started writing the English version.

Filipino Version:

Walang lumalabas kahit anong piga
Minsan parang wala ng maibubuga
Kahit ano pang isip, walang mapala
Pagod lang ba o sadyang walang adhika

Pinunit ang papel; inubos ang tinta
Paikut-ikot lang ang mga ideya
Sa kompyuter napatitig; tumunganga
Isipa’y paunti-unting nagsasara

Uminom ng kape, akalang heto na
Kumunot ang noo, tuloy sa pagkapa
Kinamot ang ulo, pupuntaha’y wala
Tama na nga, itutulog ko na muna!

English Version:

Despite how much I squeeze
I can’t come up of anything
My brain has no more juice
Am I tired or just uninspired?

Crumbled papers, pen without ink
Ideas are running in loops
Staring game with my PC
And sadly I am winning this

Sipped my coffee, this is it?
Crossed my eyebrows, still nothing
Scratched my head, also nothing
Enough! Perhaps I should just sleep!

p.s.: when I said that “perhaps I should just sleep” – what i really meant is this – “i should starting working (my regular job) already!”

– written this morning, July 17, 2015