photo credit to flexjobs.com

I was hoping to bring back my lost fire, my lost drive
But I couldn’t find them in spite of my effort and strive
I thought a new place would be the start of discovery
Unfortunately, some things are not just meant to be

I initially thought it would be my way to freedom
Or maybe it’d be another disguise of a kingdom
A kingdom of a new hell where I would be again sucked
So I guess it was for the best so I will not be stuck

Clearly, a new place is not the answer to my questions
Wherever I go I could not find any solution
Maybe I just need to surrender – let go – let it be
Accept my fate into nothingness, that’s where I will be

– May 9, 2017



photo credit to kingofwallpapers.com

It’s pulling me into the darkness
It’s dragging me to its nothingness
It’s enveloping me with its wings
An inexplicable force it brings

I tried to struggle, to take control
But its power is strong, it won’t fall
Something magical is taking me on
Repulse no more, I’m being drawn

It’s blackness is showing a new light
It’s delivering me from a plight
I’m enticed by its obscurity
Somehow, it is comforting me

– January 19, 2017



photo credit to the following: pinterest.com, englishhelponline.me, independent.co.uk, playontheword.com, libguides.lib.msu.edu and authorsden.com

Author’s Note: The film American Beauty (1999) is one of the inspirations in this writing. The picture showing the plastic bag was a scene from that film.

A blank canvas hung in the wall
It stares at me
A broken record in repetition
It tells a story
A plastic bag floating in mid-air
It shouts “I’m free!”
It makes me wonder…

Like a piece of paper
Like a melody
Waiting for the words to fill them
Like a bed of roses
Emanating scent –
Provoking, seducing
Stimulating the mind

But it’s beyond –
What the eyes can see
What the ears can hear
What the heart can feel
It’s not always the way it seems
It’s emptying the mind and soul
Then submit to nothingness…

– June 10, 2016