Traveling To A Blurred Destiny


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A crossroad? No! I can’t even see a road
It is being in the woods with a blind fold
I’m totally lost, wandering the unknown
Just trusting my senses to lead me to you

And I keep stumbling, falling into the pit
Picking myself up gets harder and harder
But I try to follow the sound of your voice
‎It’s my only guide in this bleak surrounding

As I open my eyes with hope to see clearly
There’s a fog, it’s enveloping the horizon
And all I can do is to pray, to listen
Then continue this journey with only faith…

I’m still stuck somewhere in the woods, in the pit
It’s unlikely I’ll figure my way out soon
But as long as I hear your voice, calling me
I know I’m in the path towards my destiny

– October 2, 2017

Into The Pit


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I’m in a mess, trapped all over again
Fighting this battle not to go insane
But it’s becoming my definition
Who will I be without the confusion?

So I keep on suffering; always lost
Convincing myself this is for a cause
But I don’t see light, I’m falling below
And into the pit, that’s where I will go

I try to be numb from this misery
But a dark force so strong is pulling me
I can’t get up; I succumb to the flow
Into the pit, into the pit… I go…

– June 17, 2016