Silence (As The Dawn Breaks)


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The dawn breaks
The shield surrounding
The silence of my mind
It is slowly cracking
Silence is breaking free
It is rattling
A pain that is unnerving
It is discomforting
As I hear its whispers
As I hear its shrieks
It is echoing in my head
Over and over –

The silence is shouting
A scream of trouble
A deafening sound
It is about to explode
Ready to devour
The world full of noise
Resistance no more
The mind in full surrender
As the silence finally breaks…

Gone are my worries
Gone is my sanity
Just a peaceful accord
Between the mind
And the quietness
Uniting as one –
One mind, one body
One soul, one heart
At last, this is bliss
The bliss of silence
Then, I embrace the light…

As the dawn breaks…

– April 4, 2017


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Relax… close your eyes then listen
To the sound of innocence
To the sound of purity
Do you hear it? Can you hear it?
It is the laughter of the children
The kids happily playing with water
Enjoying themselves – giggling

Then unload your burdens and listen
To the sound of tranquility
To the sound of silence
Listen carefully. Do you hear it?
It is the water touching the sand
The waves gently hitting the shore
It is music to the ears – calming

Now, block the unnecessary noises
Only listen to the sound of sincerity
To the sound of honesty
Relax and focus. Can you hear it?
It is the soft voice coming from your heart
Whispering what it wants, what it needs
Do you hear it clearly now?

When you’re lost, just listen…
Listen to your heart’s whisper…

– July 11, 2016

Alingawngaw Ng Katahimikan (The Echo Of Silence

Author’s Note: I wrote the English translation too but it’s not as good as I have hoped or not even as good as the Filipino version but I’m posting it anyway.

Blangko ang aking isipan
Kahit nais kong magsulat
Tila nais kang awitan
Kaso boses ko ay malat

Utak ay di gumagana
Naubos ang aking katas
Walang tono na musika
Bawat bigkas, walang tatas

Biglang sara ng isipan
Inspirasyon ay napawi
Nota ng katahimikan
Ang alingawngaw sa gabi

English Translation:

My mind is just blank
But I want to write
It’s singing a song
But my voice is hoarse

Brain is not working
I ran out of juice
Out-of tune music
Each word, it’s no use

My mind has shut off
Inspiration’s gone
The note of silence
Echo of the night

– written on December 8, 2014