We Collide

hearts collide

photo credit to schmaurens.deviantart.com

So… we have started as friends
You and I, we just blend
It’s something I can’t define
With you, I see the sign

Then… it blossomed to a kiss
Tell me, isn’t it bliss?
I know it’s not logical
It’s totally magical

And now we’re here…

Two hearts colliding as one
You and I, together as one
I will never let you go
Beyond infinity, you know
So hold on tight, we will fly
We will collide into the sky

Next… we’ll embrace the future
Can you see the picture?
You and I, we’re holding hands
Until the end, we’ll stand

So from now until forever…

Repeat Chorus

You and I, we collide
We’re colliding as one
You and I, we collide
We’re colliding to the sky

– August 29, 2017



Author’s Note: Just lyrics, without melody.

I see you as a figment in my dream
An apparition of what it may seem
A part of me is just imagining
A life with you could be the perfect thing

But I’m crippled with just a thought of you
Yet I’d do anything to be with you

I want to see through you
Let every inch of you be magnified
I want to get through you
Let’s be one and our souls be unified
I want to see through you
Yes, I want to be immersed with you…

Somehow my vision of you seems so clear
With you, I am abandoning my fear
This emotion, it’s new yet it’s surreal
Maybe I am now ready to be real

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

Why don’t we stop this pretention
Now it’s time to take some action
Let’s converge, it’s our immersion

Repeat Chorus

Yes, I want to be immersed with you
Together, we’ll forever be one…

– January 25, 2017



photo credit to mdmilnes.com

Is this the last, my only chance?
Or I will go straight in a trance?
Following norm, I don’t understand
This is totally not what I planned

Refrain 1:
So this is it, a leap of faith
Hoping it will lead me to fate

Chorus 1:
An opportunity awaits
Opening doors, no time to waste
Come on! There’s no need to conform
Bend some rules, let life take its form

Is this the answer to my prayer?
Or just lies that are uncovered?
But this is not what I have asked
Yet I am embracing this task

Repeat Refrain 1 and Chorus 1

So this is where I am headed?
Or is this what I have dreaded?
But whatever, I’ll just proceed
Taking chances – this is my creed

Refrain 2:
So I’m taking a leap of faith
I know this will lead me to fate

Chorus 2:
An opportunity awaits
Embrace it, opening my gates
Let’s take this one and only chance
Let’s fall in love, let’s take a glance

Come on, baby! Let’s take a glance
Yeah, honey! I’m taking my chance
(to fade…)

– February 8, 2017

Getting Through The Day


I’m feeling the chill now;
It’s getting darker, too
Do you think it’s going to be nice?
Sunny and bright?
Do you look forward to each day?
Or do you want to just get through the day?

It’s been a challenge –
Counting the seconds, counting the minutes
Good thing you’re here with me
Putting a light to my dim little world
Somehow, I need to get by and I need you
I need you to get me through the day

As I watch the people pass by
I wonder how they cope, how they keep up
Are the happy faces just masks?
Pretending they have worry-free lives?
Do they look forward to their day?
Or are they just living it, surviving?

It’s been a struggle –
Counting the hours, counting the days
Good thing you’re here with me
Brightening this gloomy little spot
Somehow, I need to get by and I need you
I need you to get me through the day

So here I am seeing the leaves fall
The sceneries are changing hues
It’s pretty, it’s lovely
Yet there’s something that seems dull
Am I looking forward to the season change?
Or am I afraid to know what’s next?

And it’s never been easy –
Always hoping for time to speed up
So thank you for being here with me
Bringing laughter and a smile to my lips
I no longer have to get by
Now, I look forward to each day

So thank you for always being here with me
I no longer have to get through my days

– September 22, 2016

It’s Okay


photo credit to quotefancy.com

I woke up with thoughts of rejection in my head
A failure, a disappointment, don’t know what I said
I know I have to move on but I’m hitting a wall
Take a pause, a deep breath, shout and let’s sing it all

So what if there is a speed bump along the way
It doesn’t mean that things are not gonna be ok
Just smile and laugh; let’s dance, let’s celebrate life
Go crazy ’cause things are always gonna be fine
Oh it will be all right, things are gonna be fine

Found out I lost an important piece of me
I wish I could turn back, maybe I could plea
But nothing I could do, it’s beyond my control
Just cry, be sad, get mad, shout and let’s sing it all

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes I feel I made the wrong decisions
Each day I’m buried deeper in my frustration
I have to stand firm, I cannot allow to fall
No more worries, don’t fret, shout and let’s sing it all

Repeat Chorus

Let’s dance, let’s shout, let’s celebrate life

Repeat Chorus

Oh it will be all right, things are gonna be fine (to fade)

– September 13, 2016

Without You


photo credit to kathleenmoulton.com

Abandoned, now my life’s a mess
You left and everything has changed
Now I’m facing another test
And without you this seems so strange

Chorus 1:
And I… I feel so lost, confused
Without you, I’m wounded with bruise
And I… I am sinking below
In a vacuum where I belong

Abandoned, I don’t have a clue
I’m tired from trying to move on
My wings are clipped without you
How do I fly and carry on

Repeat Chorus 1

So save me from my misery
Lift me from this melancholy
Only you can bring clarity
Without you, it’s insanity

Chorus 2:
And I… I feel so lost, confused
Without you, I’m lifeless; no fuse
And I… I am falling… Falling
In this void where I’m submitting

And I… I am falling, sinking below
In this vacuum where I truly belong

– August 30, 2016

Please Come Back

I wake up each day
Trying to find meaning
Stop seeing the world in gray
Searching for a beginning
Look for a reason to stay
End all questions and asking

But/So I return to my old ways
Please help me as I’m drowning

Chorus 1:
And I want you back
So won’t you please come back
Oh I need you
Need you in my life…

To ignore my cries, I play
This is me pretending
That my world is fine and gay
But without you it’s crumbling
Why did you go away?
It’s hard to take this longing

Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1

When I woke up today
I hope I was not dreaming
As I saw you in my doorway
You seemed unsure but smiling

Chorus 2:
So are you back?
Are you finally back?
Oh I badly need you
Need you in my life…

– August 3, 2016