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Author’s Note: I have two versions of this writing – the other one was already posted here.

Minutes are passing
It’s your turn, what now?
Show me so I would know
Which pawn should I use
Will I take the bait?
Or will it be a check?
Now it’s a check
Protect the king
Hide behind the rook
It’s the queen’s move
But a knight’s mistake
Bishop’s avenging
But there’s nowhere to go
Is it checkmate? The end?
I failed and lost
I struggled in this battle
This battle of waiting

– September 20, 2016

Hellish Paradise


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I was smiling cheerfully as I crossed this path
I saw a future; time to abandon my wrath
A welcome to fresh start; time to leave my cries
This was Eden, a promised paradise

Unmindful, I walked right into a quicksand
Then the atmosphere gradually changed to bland
I was drowning while I saw an impending gloom
This was turning into the Eden of Doom

Slowly, I was slipping in a gaping sink hole
I was losing oxygen; losing my soul
But I was not resisting; in full surrender
To Hellish Paradise where I was lost forever

– June 14, 2016

Each Day

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Author’s Note: This is how I feel about work in the past months or so… If only I could stop working and just retire. Oh well!

Each day I struggle
Lost my drive, don’t know why
I’m facing a hurdle
Don’t bother. Oh, I try!

Dragging myself each day
Keep counting all the hours
I wish I could just stay
Don’t want to go else where

Each day I am more bored
Errr… how do I get by?
‎Battling this to the core
I’m not winning this! Hai (sigh)…

– August 6, 2015

Writing Struggle

a combination of two photos obtained from: and

a combination of two photos obtained from: and

Author’s Note: I started writing it in my native tongue, Filipino. Since I’m struggling and still unsure how to finish it, I shifted gears and started writing the English version.

Filipino Version:

Walang lumalabas kahit anong piga
Minsan parang wala ng maibubuga
Kahit ano pang isip, walang mapala
Pagod lang ba o sadyang walang adhika

Pinunit ang papel; inubos ang tinta
Paikut-ikot lang ang mga ideya
Sa kompyuter napatitig; tumunganga
Isipa’y paunti-unting nagsasara

Uminom ng kape, akalang heto na
Kumunot ang noo, tuloy sa pagkapa
Kinamot ang ulo, pupuntaha’y wala
Tama na nga, itutulog ko na muna!

English Version:

Despite how much I squeeze
I can’t come up of anything
My brain has no more juice
Am I tired or just uninspired?

Crumbled papers, pen without ink
Ideas are running in loops
Staring game with my PC
And sadly I am winning this

Sipped my coffee, this is it?
Crossed my eyebrows, still nothing
Scratched my head, also nothing
Enough! Perhaps I should just sleep!

p.s.: when I said that “perhaps I should just sleep” – what i really meant is this – “i should starting working (my regular job) already!”

– written this morning, July 17, 2015