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I was hoping to bring back my lost fire, my lost drive
But I couldn’t find them in spite of my effort and strive
I thought a new place would be the start of discovery
Unfortunately, some things are not just meant to be

I initially thought it would be my way to freedom
Or maybe it’d be another disguise of a kingdom
A kingdom of a new hell where I would be again sucked
So I guess it was for the best so I will not be stuck

Clearly, a new place is not the answer to my questions
Wherever I go I could not find any solution
Maybe I just need to surrender – let go – let it be
Accept my fate into nothingness, that’s where I will be

– May 9, 2017


Keep The Chase

Sometimes I am hitting a wall
I can’t pass through it, I am stuck
It would be the end, my downfall
And all I can hear is the clock
Counting ’til the death of my all

But I wish for time to stop ticking
It’s the sound I refuse to hear
Can the world stop from spinning
And shelter myself from my fear
To standstill ’til a new beginning

Sometimes I run but reach a cliff
There’s nowhere to go, should I leap
It’s suicide and it would be brief
Accept the end, just take a deep
Then wander in oblivion without grief

But I don’t want to be in that place
I need to get away from that cage
I am afraid to drift in space
So I’ll fight to not reach that stage
It’s my battle to keep the chase

– March 1, 2017



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It is a roundabout and I can’t find my exit
It is unsetting, I wonder if I’m losing it
I just drive in circles until my gas is emptied
Or until my mind to eventually see a lead

My path is clearly blocked by this insanity
And vision is blurred towards the road to destiny
It is puzzling and my engine is slowly dying
But I will keep driving even if I’m just circling

THIS is my roundabout and I can’t find THE exit
I’m getting restless, soon, I might be losing it
I still drive in loops hoping my tank is refilled
For I need to stay here until THE way is revealed

– March 14, 2017

If I Were…


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If I were to become a successful writer
Goodbye day job! I would no longer have to care
Then I would move on, become an explorer
I would find any inspiration everywhere

If I were to become a successful writer
Goodbye boredom! Here’s a new world to discover
Then I would be free, confusions would be conquered
No more hiding, my mask would also be uncovered

But I am not. I am only a lone dreamer
Stuck in my day job, I am an uninspired worker
Searching for passion, I am a hopeless believer
If only I were a successful writer…

– April 27, 2016


photo obtained from www.ceothinkthank.com

photo obtained from http://www.ceothinkthank.com

Overwhelmed and restless – I’m struggling
The mind wanders but all is nothing
I can’t focus, I’m losing control
Is it normal? ‘Cause I’m hitting a wall

Step back and search for bright ideas
Stop. Think. But there’s no panacea
It’s my longest drought; I want it to end
All effort is futile; I can’t ascend

Running in circles like an endless loop
To surpass this, I need to regroup
This is my passion, my heart’s desire
Yet I’m left here feeling uninspired

– written on April 6, 2015