It’s haunting every piece of me
I ran looking for a sanctuary
I hid but it always finds me
No escape from this catastrophe

It wants to control my mind, my soul
I refused, neglecting the call
A phantom commanding my whole
I am cornered to take the fall

Then it devours me, draining my core
Resist or surrender – I am torn
But it persists, asking for more
Yet I feel at peace, I am reborn

– September 4, 2019



photo credit to lihnida.deviantart.com

In the middle of the night
Someone knocked on my door
I checked and saw no one
Ignored. I went back to bed
Then, a banging on my door!
A shadow? Yet no one was in sight
I hid, stayed under the cover
I prayed. Should I call the cops?
It then stopped. Bother no more!
Then I opened my eyes and stared
In the dark, I saw a movement
I screamed but no words came out
I froze then felt an eerie chill
It stepped forward, it moved closer
It tried to envelope me
It was soothing. I was baffled.
Should I submit and just give in?

It was a thief in the night
Watching my every move
Betraying all of my thoughts
Wanting to steal my last breath
Am I ready for it?

– March 1, 2016