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And I am gradually falling
From nil to nowhere, I’m just falling…
Let me feel the power of gravity
And slowly pull me to infinity

And I am now losing my grip…
Let go as I sink into the deep
Submit to the vast vacuum of space
And welcome the black hole’s warm embrace

And I am actually liking this…
A descent from sobriety’s abyss
Fall deeper into the galaxy
And accept the will of eternity

– December 1, 2016

Without You


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Abandoned, now my life’s a mess
You left and everything has changed
Now I’m facing another test
And without you this seems so strange

Chorus 1:
And I… I feel so lost, confused
Without you, I’m wounded with bruise
And I… I am sinking below
In a vacuum where I belong

Abandoned, I don’t have a clue
I’m tired from trying to move on
My wings are clipped without you
How do I fly and carry on

Repeat Chorus 1

So save me from my misery
Lift me from this melancholy
Only you can bring clarity
Without you, it’s insanity

Chorus 2:
And I… I feel so lost, confused
Without you, I’m lifeless; no fuse
And I… I am falling… Falling
In this void where I’m submitting

And I… I am falling, sinking below
In this vacuum where I truly belong

– August 30, 2016