Letter To A Love That Got Away

I wake up each day thinking about the what ifs
Regrets are piling up, I wish to turn back the days
But decision was made, sadly I’m now adrift
This is for the love I now badly want to stay

With you I was free yet it seemed it was a crime
With you I thought I had finally found the one
If only we’d met in a different lifetime…
This is for the love I wish I’d fought for then won

So I’m sorry, love, it was brief but not a mistake
I had to accept it was meant to go astray
Yet here I am, still living with could haves and aches
This is for my true love that had gotten away

– August 15, 2017

What If

sleeping baby

What if you were just a pigment of my dream?
What if the life I’ve known with you was unreal?
Slowly, my world, my life will start to dim
My heart will be broken, it will never heal

For now I’ve learned to enjoy this life with you
I have a new purpose and that’s to see you grow
So what if I was just imagining you?
Then please hold me close and don’t ever let go

Or take me back to my dream where you were there
Then I will hug you, lock you in my embrace
Then don’t wake me up, I’ll stay until forever
So I can be with you in this happy place

– January 29, 2018