When Can I See You Smile?

photo credit to eil.com

photo credit to eil.com

Author’s Note: The poem title and the lines are different from the song but somehow when I wrote this I can’t help but think and/or sing the song “When I See You Smile” by Bad English, hence the picture.

Sadness in your eyes I see
You seem bothered somehow
Not sure what you really feel
When can I see you smile?

Mystery – that’s what it is
Seems so obscure – an anonymity
Dark clouds surround you
Why are you so blue?

Are you in pain or may be hurting?
Are you in sorrow or may be suffering?
Every time I have a glance
Thought a smile from you is never a chance

I wonder if I can ever see you laugh
I wonder why you seem so sad
Why can’t you be happy even just for a while?
When can I see you smile?

– February 7, 2007