Where Are You?

It gets harder each day
As I try to find my way
I have been everywhere
But I can’t find you there

I’m not myself anymore
There’s a void in my core
I wonder if you’re near
So to erase my fear

Where are you? Where are you?
How can I go back to you?
Where are you? Where are you?
Please tell me what should I do

I miss you terribly
Why did you just leave me?
‎Let’s become one again
Return to love once again

Repeat Chorus

Oh… I need to be strong
To you is where I belong
I know we’ll be together
Just have faith in forever
But I’m now losing me
So for now please tell me…

Repeat Chorus

Where are you? Where are you?
Please let’s be me and you…

– April 10, 2019

Please Come Back

I wake up each day
Trying to find meaning
Stop seeing the world in gray
Searching for a beginning
Look for a reason to stay
End all questions and asking

But/So I return to my old ways
Please help me as I’m drowning

Chorus 1:
And I want you back
So won’t you please come back
Oh I need you
Need you in my life…

To ignore my cries, I play
This is me pretending
That my world is fine and gay
But without you it’s crumbling
Why did you go away?
It’s hard to take this longing

Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1

When I woke up today
I hope I was not dreaming
As I saw you in my doorway
You seemed unsure but smiling

Chorus 2:
So are you back?
Are you finally back?
Oh I badly need you
Need you in my life…

– August 3, 2016