The Leaf

I die in the cold
Where I hibernate
In the ground
Covered in snow
In winter
Only to be ressurected
Where I blossom
With the flowers
Then see the blue sky
In spring
I dance
Under the sun‎
I change into green
Enjoy the warmth
In summer
Until I flow
With the breeze
I change into red
Hang by a thread
In autumn
Until I am the last leaf left
But eventually
I will fall
Then die again in the cold…

– November 14, 2018

Winter 2018


Writer’s Note: So this was last week but the cold continues… It just never stops!

Braving yet another cold day
How can this shiver go away
I wish I could be at home, stay
Hibernate ’til spring makes its way

I’ll never get used to this weather
Leave me alone with my comforter
Cold, get lost! Give me some breather
Spring, rescue me from this winter

This has been brutal, it’s endless
The ice and the chill are limitless
It’s tiring, it’s giving me stress
Sun, show your warmth, stop this madness

– February 2, 2018

Spring In Feb (Climate Change Effect)

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Author’s Note: This weather is confusing. Last weekend was warm then today is snowing. This is my 6th winter in Ontario, Canada and it is surprisingly warm. Then this morning, I also came across this article from cp24.

I heard squirrels are getting fat
Raccoons are wondering the spot
Spiders are also weaving webs
Flowers are now blooming in Feb

Sixteen degrees during winter!
Bunnies are hopping everywhere
Grasses are green, no trace of snow
The rivers have started to flow

Winter no more! Springtime is here
Let’s put away our winter gear
Then today, it’s snowing again
And it’ll be back to minus ten

Temperature goes down and up
It isn’t good, nature’s messed up
Earth’s confused, it’s global warming
This climate change is worsening.

– February 9, 2016

Snow / Nyebe


Author’s Note: Since it’s been snowing, I’m posting this poem I wrote in 2013 about snow. Originally written in Filipino then I later translated it in English (in 2014) though I still prefer the Filipino version.

Snow (English Version):

Miracle of nature
This you will discover
Beauty of nature
This you will experience

Surroundings are all white
It will amaze you
It will give you awe
Even trouble will be gone

In each flake, in each fall
It will give you joy
Cotton-field surroundings
This is Christmas’ scene

Mystery of nature
This you will see
Open your heart and soul
Let it mark your memories

– February 10, 2014

Nyebe (Filipino and Original Version):

Hiwaga ng kalikasan
Ang siyang matutuklasan
Kariktan ng kalikasan
Ang siyang masasaksihan

Kapaligira’y kay puti
Tunay ngang mabibighani
Mamamangha pa parati
Sulirani’y mapapawi

Bawat butil, bawat patak
Katumbas nito ay galak
Mababalutan ng bulak
Diwang pasko ang halimuyak

Misteryo ng kalikasan
Ang siyang matatagpuan
Puso’t isipan ay buksan
Alaala ay bakasan

– December 18, 2013

Freaking Friday

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Author’s Note: I wrote this on the first Friday the 13th of 2015, that was February, but I forgot to post it here. Got an opportunity to post it today, the 3rd and last Friday the 13th of 2015.

What a freaking Friday
Bus: cancelled; train: delayed
Standing in a freezer
In a very cold weather
Come on! Move! We’re all late
Frozen tracks? Urrrgh, that’s not great!
Toes are numb, I’m shaking
Feels like there’s no heating
It’s almost 10, I just arrived
Lost my routine, it’s a strive
Now, I’m in a crappy mood
It’s ripple effect – not good
So this is officially a bad day
Oh! It’s the 13th today!
But then I rolled up the rim*
Free coffee! So let’s not be dim! 🙂

* Tim Hortons always have that contest/raffle where you roll the rim of the cup and you can win free coffee, food or a car.

– written on February 13, 2015

Piercing Cold

Cool breeze is the greeting
In my early morning
The wind chill is piercing
Numbness! I’m freezing!

Outside, I am standing
And I don’t mind waiting
As long as it’s snowing
And wind is not blowing

Thick clothes I am wearing
And I am still trembling
Hands and knees are shaking
Headache – I am having

Mercury is dropping
Thermostat is breaking
Now for spring, I’m longing
As this cold is piercing

– written on January 6, 2015

Early Winter

Standing outside on a very cold November
What’s up with this freaking weather?
My knees start to weaken
My body is now numb, I’m frozen!

Brrr… what a day for the train to be late
Grrr… and I have an appointment at eight
I’ll freeze to death, I’m not David Blaine
15 minutes now, where’s the train?

Oh Canada, what’s up with the early winter?
Early welcome for frost bites and blisters
After 20 minutes, finally! Train has arrived
Keep me warm please, I want to stay alive

– November 19, 2014