I Wish


I wish to write more
Find things to explore
Create something special

I wish to read books
Plots that will make me hook
Ignite my senses
Creative hunches

I wish to play games
RE* is the name
Spark my adrenaline

But these have to wait
As I juggle with fate
Let me be hopeful
Let me be fruitful

– December 10, 2019

*RE = Resident Evil, I am such a huge fan since I was a teenager and I’ve been playing it since.

If I May / Kung Pwede Lang


Author’s Note: The English poem is a translation of the poem I wrote in my native tongue, Filipino.

If I may, if only I can…
I will put an end to this chapter
Let my spirit and mind wander
To a place where there’s serenity

I dream to no longer be lame
So I could write with liberty
Then create stories and poetry
That would bring inspiration and glee

I want to have a new beginning
And leave behind all my worries
But I know it’s not yet meant to be
If I may, if only I can…

Kung pwede lang, kung kaya ko lang sana…
Tutuldukan ko na itong kabanata
Nang makapaglakbay ang utak at diwa
Patungo kung saan ay mapayapa

Pangarap kong hindi na maging lampa
Nang makapagsulat na ko ng malaya
At bumuo ng mga kwento at mga tula
Na magbibigay inspirasyon at saya

Nais ko na ng panibagong simula
Iwanan na itong mga pangamba
Ngunit alam kong hindi pa nakatakda
Kung pwede lang, kung kaya ko lang sana…

– January 21, 2017

Don’t You Wish


photo credit to pinterest.com

Don’t you wish to lie underneath the stars
To look for a falling star and wish for a different reality
Then dream about your dreams coming true

Don’t you wish to run in a field of greens
With someone you love and be in the wind
Then feel the breeze and embrace the sun

Don’t you wish to sprint like there’s no tomorrow
To finish this endless race and to start a new one
Then now walk through this journey enjoying each step

Don’t you wish to climb the highest mountain
With someone dear and be one with the clouds
Then see the world from the top, a change of view

Don’t you wish to soar like a kite or a balloon
To just float in the air, in limbo yet carefree
Then fly, fly… fly high until you reach the sky

Don’t you just wish to lie underneath the stars?

If I could only just wish…

– January 17, 2017

My (Unrealistic) Wish List


photo credit to fotosearch.com (i obtained this from another wordpress blog)

Author’s Note: I started thinking about this when I had to work on a holiday. Shoulda-woulda-coulda! Oh well, as if I could give up my day job and do these things! But it doesn’t hurt to imagine and day dream…

I could have spent every second with things I love
Like stay at home, catch up with sleep and rest some more
Or kill zombies, play and finish my video games
To clear my mind before I write a song or poem
Or learn gardening, plant seeds and pull the weeds
Or clean and tidy up, I actually enjoy that
Then read a book or two and be more inspired
Or hit the gym followed by an hour long bath
To replace the stress with uplifting thoughts and vibes
Or cook new recipes, bake pizzas and cookies
Maybe try some new hobbies and expand my skills
Like cross stitching, yarn knitting and colouring
Or re-learn to play the piano, add some music
Then go back to my songs and put the melody
Or just hang out and spend quality time with you
That never gets old, it’s what I enjoy most
I could have spent all my hours with these things I love
But I actually could NOT, it’s not practical
So let me just dream about these – my what-could-have’s

– February 26, 2016