Writing Struggle

a combination of two photos obtained from: glogster.com and fountainpennetwork.com

I haven’t been writing lately
I can’t find the words, honestly
My mind is lost, seems uninspired
Creativity doesn’t transpire

So where do I start, be on track?
No, I cannot rely on luck
I tell myself words will soon come
But all I am is just a scum

I want to write again, seriously
I need my rhythm back, badly
Mind, please return from the abyss
Madness is here, help me end this

– December 4, 2017


All In My Head


photo credit to presentermedia.com

My head is feeling heavy
Something’s afloat
It’s drifting… they’re drifting
A sudden rush of thoughts
Are these hallucinations?
Memories and flashbacks
Dreams and illusions
All together as one
Just floating… just drifting
Am I having a migraine?
It’s a headache, a blood rush
Something inside is exploding
A burst of words and ideas
And my head is getting heavier
And it flows… they just flow…

– September 14, 2016



photo credit to masonashley.com

Words are floating inside my head
It’s a whirlwind yet a dead end
I cannot seem to comprehend
Been resisting to fight this dread

Words are flying round and round
Speak to me yet I hear no sound
Hoping to be lifted from the ground
Then be embraced so I can be found

Words are scattered in endless space
Gather up but they’re slipping away
Absorb me! Let me out of this gray
Then take me to that divine place

– December 1, 2015