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Author’s Note: Sorry for the curse word in this writing. I’m just frustrated at work. The last stanza where it says “my world” — it’s actually pertaining to my work life/career/day job but the word “world” just sounds better.

I keep on asking these days – “what the f*ck?”
So many times I’m tempted to go back
But I’m unsure, something’s holding me back
Though I can’t take this; I’m about to crack

Gone are my drive, my fire and my passion
I have no goal and no clear direction
Not again! I’m drowning in confusion!
What the f*ck? I allowed this vexation!?!

So here I am, cursing and complaining
While I witness my world slowly crumbling
Instead of ‘change’, look for a beginning
I say: “What the f*ck? Cheers! to my ending!”

– June 1, 2016