You steal all my time
You conquer my mind
You seem like trouble
You are a hard job

You’re like my shadow
I can’t leave you behind
Now it’s hard to move
As you’re always around

You had me cornered
You changed me just like that
Now my hands are tied
There’s no going back

But it’s ironic
As you are my bliss
You remove my doubts
With you, there is peace

You shine a new light
You are inspiration
You are my heart and soul
You are my life

– August 10, 2018

Distracted By You, Still

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Writer’s Note: This is part 2 of last week’s post, Distracted By You.

I’m still very distracted by the thought of you
You make me feel restless, I don’t know what to do
I know I have to be patient, stay positive
Wait for the perfect time, continue to believe

Though you gave me a glimpse of hope to carry on
I still don’t know if I should hold on or move on
Tell me more – don’t leave me hanging in the unknown
You left me so confused with the gestures you’ve shown

I’m fighting hard to not be distracted by you
I just want to live free from any thoughts of you
I need more faith for me to trust our destiny
And know things will be fine if we are meant to be

– October 18 2017



Distracted By You

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I am so distracted by the thought of you
How I badly desire to be with you
As I hope to have a future with you
It’s certainly what I want to pursue

But some things are clearly not meant to be
No matter how hard I make my plea
I wish I know the way to make you mine
I won’t give up until you see the sign

Or maybe it’s best to leave you alone
So I can move on and be on my own
But my world will collapse if you leave
Should I let go, hold on? How should I live?

– September 29, 2017

Hey There


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Hey there,
Yeah you, I meant you,
The one behind the tree trunk
Shying yourself to the world
Why are you hiding?
To whom are you hiding?
Can you come around?
Can you talk to me, please?

Hey there,
Did you know
That I’ve been looking for you?
Been searching everywhere?
So imagine my surprise
When I found you there
Just within my territory
And not feeling your presence

Did you also know
You’re a key piece to my life
You give me direction
An inspiration to my bleak days
I know what happened
I understand why you turned away
I only want us to be whole again
Can you at least face me, please?

Hey there,
Still scared to show yourself?
You know, I will never get tired
Of telling you how much you mean
Of proving you my sincerity
I will just stay here, waiting
Until you’re ready, have courage
I’m only afraid time will soon run out…

Hey there,
Yeah you, the one in the mirror
I just hope you’re listening…

– May 10, 2017


There is something in you that makes my heart skip a beat
Something exciting that my mind can never process
Is it passion? Is it true love? Oh! I cannot tell
All I know it’s what I’ve been looking for all these years

There is something in you that lets me see who I am
I can’t imagine I’m liking this other side of me
Is it my purpose? The definition of my life?
All I know it’s what I want and where I want to be

There is something in you that pushes me to believe
Something different yet it is the only real thing
Perhaps it’s telling me to take a leap of faith?
A chance I’m considering but not willing to take

So YOU are something that I can never comprehend
You give me wings so I could fly and reach for my dream
I wonder what potion or magic do you possess
Maybe I should stop analyzing – just let it be

– January 27, 2017

Please Come Back

I wake up each day
Trying to find meaning
Stop seeing the world in gray
Searching for a beginning
Look for a reason to stay
End all questions and asking

But/So I return to my old ways
Please help me as I’m drowning

Chorus 1:
And I want you back
So won’t you please come back
Oh I need you
Need you in my life…

To ignore my cries, I play
This is me pretending
That my world is fine and gay
But without you it’s crumbling
Why did you go away?
It’s hard to take this longing

Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1

When I woke up today
I hope I was not dreaming
As I saw you in my doorway
You seemed unsure but smiling

Chorus 2:
So are you back?
Are you finally back?
Oh I badly need you
Need you in my life…

– August 3, 2016


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Author’s Note: This is inspired by the above pictured book, “You” written by Caroline Kepnes. I used some of the phrases and words from the book so to those who read it, I’m pretty sure you’ll know what those are. I’m glad that the guy in Chapters recommended this book to me. This book is disturbingly good. I’m in the last few chapters of the book and I’m sure I can finish it on my train ride later this afternoon so before I find out the ending, I’m posting this now.

The moment you walked in there I knew
A love that’s true and pure, innocent at first
A mutual instant attraction that can’t be helped
It’s the beginning of me and you – our everythingship

Your eyes speak to me in words I cannot fathom
Yet I know this language – the language of us
Your breath, your scent, they will always linger
You’re in my heart, in my mind. You are my world!

I wake up and close my eyes and it’s you I see
But why suddenly, you walked away from me?
I am lost, I cannot focus, I am about to explode
I love you! Now, look at what you made me do!

The moment I walked in there I already knew
It is you that I want, it is you that I need
You’re different, hot. You’re smarter than anyone
My world is no longer empty – this is our everythingship

You show me reality and define things I never knew existed
This is the attention I’ve always dreamt of and wanted
But I have issues and lies, secrets buried underneath
I need my space. I cannot do this, I have to leave

I wake up and close my eyes and it’s you that I miss
I’m sorting my life. I want you back, let’s start anew
But why do you have this stuff? Who exactly are you?
I cannot believe it! Wow! Now, I see what I made you do!

Look at us – Joe and Beck – we’re together as one
It is destructive. It is deadly yet it is true love!
This is our destiny, can’t you see we’re THE perfect match?
Why don’t we forget about all these? Let’s make this last!

– November 4, 2015